to this combined website of three cooperating artists. The style of these artists differ significantly but they actually do the same thing. They are shortly introduced below.

Dion Pascalle. Email: contact@DionPascalle.com
Dion Pascalle creates symmetrical compositions of twins and mirror images. Sometimes this work looks basic, other times it looks polished and brushed up. Dion Pascalle lives and works in Florence (Italy). Below you will find a picture of Dion's recent work.

Artwork Dion Pascalle

You can also view a beautiful video of Dion’s work. It can also be seen in HD. More work of Dion Pascalle is shown in this gallery.

Daniel Partielle
The work of Daniel Partielle is very diverse. He says that he is exploring the limits when picturing (mythological) figures, persons and faces. He experiments with the impossible. Daniel Partielle partly lives in Paris and partly in New York. Alongside you will find a picture of his recent work.

You can also view a nice film of his work. Here you can find more of his work.



Artwork Daniel Partielle


Dick Pieter Email: contact@DickPieter.com
Dick Pieter is Dutch and he lives and works in Holland (near Amsterdam). Sometimes he combines portraits with typographic elements. When he does, the works look slightly similar to announcement or advertising posters. The characters of his portraits are unpredictable; from (almost) photo-like to graphic-picturesque. Below you will find a work of Dick Pieter. You can find more of his work in this gallery.
you will find the Dutch version of his website.

Artwork Dick Pieter


The mentioned three artists seem to have little in common but actually do the same thing. All three of them picture angels but all in their own way. You could have a look at the shown images again; you might actually see it. You are free to interpret them yourself of course. I only write here what the artists think themselves. The artists have something else in common; they use the same mixed graphic technique.


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