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The works on this website are available in various kinds of prints, with a different degree of exclusiveness but a consistent degree of durability and high quality. The works include Quality-, Original- and Gallery prints.
In short, the Quality print is an incredibly beautiful print and is a piece of art for a very friendly price. A Quality print is already available from €125,- and the benefit of this kind of print is that we can send it to the requester without any obligations. This also means that he doesn´t have to pay in advance. The requester just needs to compensate the transaction costs for, for instance, shipping and packing, which, in case of purchase, will be deducted from the purchase price. (For further details and conditions please check Order info.)

The Gallery print, on the contrary, is the most exclusive print and, because of this and some other factors, rarely available. The Gallery Print is usually bigger and fits in a different category.
Somewhere in between the above categories, you will find the Original Print. This print combines a favourable price, a solid and traditional quality, a limited edition and exclusiveness. The price of an Original Print depends on the work and varies between about €250,- and €1450,- at the moment. Regardless of the type of print, they all have an excellent quality. It just depends on your preferences. At the bottom of this webpage, you will find a link to the Order info but first, let us tell you more about the three different kinds of prints.

Special details of a Quality Print
A digitally signed*, favourably priced print, visually not being inferior to the more exclusive edition. These prints are printed by the artist himself or by others under the supervision of the artist. In order to create a higher resistance to damage and to make them ready for shipping, they are printed on high quality (durable) 260 grams paper, which is mechanically even stronger than the paper used for the more expensive and more exclusive edition. This makes the Quality Print more resistant to touching and damage. Because of the pearly gloss paper (luster), the Quality prints are sparkling and fit for framing.
In order to be able to offer them for a favourable price, the Quality Prints are available in standard paper sizes. Since it does not concern reproductions but inkjet images, directly from the original digital file, they offer you the best possible quality for an incredibly good price. You can get a Quality Print for no more than €125,-. The paper size of the quality prints is about 42 x 60 cm. The size of the image is different for each piece but in almost all of the pieces, they left some white space around the image. In addition, this creates a simple way of making the work of art fit in a standard frame size and there is no need for a more precious custom frame. In general, graphic art will look the most beautiful in a passe-partout (which will also make the work look significantly bigger). A passe-partout is also better for the preservation of the work.
The edition of Quality Prints is limited because of the interest in them and because the specific inkjet printer, the paper, the ink etc. are no longer available. Another reason for the edition being limited is the changing and developing interest of the artists, which makes them go for new challenges.

*Digital signing in combination with the inkjet image printed from the original file is almost impossible to forge. Reproduction or imitation is not impossible of course but usually it is easy to proof the work of art not being original and from the original artist.


Special details of an Original Print
Original Prints are always printed and digitally signed by the artist himself. The print has a special mark indicating it is an “Original” with the year of printing. The edition is limited up to about 125 pieces. These prints have an optimal quality. They are printed on paper with a baryta coating. The appearance of this paper is quite similar to the air dried baryta print from the darkrooms of the old days. It is 320/330 grams and has a beautiful and subtle glossy surface with a delicate structure. Some of the works are only printed on the more traditional (matte) types of paper, especially when the work stands out better on this paper.

Original Prints offer the best of what the artist is capable of making at this moment. Compared to a Quality Print, they often are a bit more discreet when it comes to colours, although the difference is subtle. In order to be able to offer a favourable price, the sizes are standardized to some extent. This way you are able to purchase an exclusive “Original” from about €250,-. The best way to frame Original Prints is with a pass-partout and behind glass. They will last a lifetime this way, or even longer.
Because the Original Print is usually printed under orders, you are able to decide whether the size of the work should be maximised within the size of the paper or whether it should be printed “presentable” (with a large amount of white space). In case you prefer “maximal”, the print should be framed more carefully. In order to make it presentable, a custom-made passe-partout is very recommendable. They are available in any frame shop. The advantage of the maximal print is having a larger work of course. The disadvantage is that it actually is less presentable without a passe-partout and that it takes up more space after framing.

It is not always possible to choose the way the work is printed. Printing the work too small or too big, does not do justice to all pieces. You can always make clear what you prefer and the artist will try to comply with your request, but is also free to change it if the results are not as good. In case you do not make any requests, the artists will make the print according to his preferences at that moment (which, for most of the works, is a presentable print). The paper size is the same as the paper size of a Quality Print (A2).


Special details of a Gallery Print
A print that is individually made by the artist. The size of Gallery Prints can be equal to, bigger than or, sometimes, smaller than the prints mentioned above. The signing, paper types etc. vary. It concerns a very limited edition (sometimes only one piece). As the name suggests, Gallery Prints are exclusively available through independent galleries and they are rarely offered. The printing technique may be a bit less delicate but is similar to the first concept, production and size of the print. The source file that is created by making the Gallery Print, is used for the Quality and Original Print. For the last mentioned prints the combination of paper, ink and specific inkjet printer has been adjusted more, which makes the quality of these prints slightly better. The differences are subtle though.
The prices of the Gallery Prints depend on the size, the amount of pieces available, the way of framing, the print quality and the popularity of the work of course. The gallery prices for these works roughly lie between two and ten thousand Euros at this moment. The artists have no say in the determination of the gallery prices and do not interfere with it. In order to to obtain more specific information about the Gallery Prints and their prices, you are referred to the gallery itself. They will be happy to be of assistance and, in general, they offer a good service.


Availability, order and request information.
Please note: the availability and terms and conditions for a purchase order are different for each type of print.

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