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Request/order info Quality Print

In case you seriously consider purchasing a Quality Print, we can send it to you without any further obligations and without you having to pay a deposit in advance. The requester only needs to pay €29,- to compensate for the transaction costs for, for instance, packing and shipping. These costs need to be paid in advance. However, these costs will be deducted from the purchase price in case you decide to keep the work of art and inform us about this through email within ten days.

No obligation
Purchasing the work is not an obligation and the payment can be settled after receiving the Quality Print. In case the work does not meet your expectations, you are allowed to return it within ten days after receiving it. Except for the transaction costs and the possible postage stamp for returning the work, no payment is needed. In other words, the requester will only have to pay for the received work if he is completely satisfied about it.

In case the received work fully meets your criteria and you would like to purchase it, please let us know through email so we can send you an invoice. You are allowed to settle the payment after another fourteen days.

In case we do not hear from you and/or the Quality Print has not been sent back within ten days after receiving it, we assume you want to keep the work. In this case we will also send you an invoice, which will have to be settled within fourteen days as well. Since the “ten days term” has already expired then, it is no longer possible to deduct the transaction costs from the purchase price. So make sure to inform us in time, in order to make better profit from it by getting an even lower price.

The request of sending a Quality Print to the address you wish, is easily made by sending us an email containing your:
- Full name
- Address
- Telephone number
- Email address and
- The name of the artist and the work you are interested in
- Statement that you are not younger than 18 years of age and that you have read all terms and conditions.

Please also mention how you would like to settle for the payment of the transaction costs (and the possible purchase costs). If you are resident in Western Europe (EU) you can pay through bank transfer or through PayPal. For the rest of the world it is only possible to pay through PayPal for now. (We may introduce other options for payment in time). Your address details are supposed to be the same compared to the address details of your bank or PayPal account.

Confirmation and other details
We will send you a confirmation through email, which will include the purchase price of the Quality Print in case you would like to keep it, as well as the payment details.
As soon as we receive the payment of the transaction costs, we will send the Quality Print to your address within a few days. The delivery time depends on where you live in the world. (Usually somewhere between 5 and 12 days.) Practically all the works of art on this website can be delivered as a Quality Print (apart from several exceptions). In case the work unexpectedly, is not available, we will let you know by return of post.

At this moment we offer you an introductory price of €125,- for all Quality Prints. The fixed transaction, shipping and packing costs are €29,- (as mentioned before, these costs will be deducted from the purchase price in case you decide to keep the work within ten days). The requester will take responsibility for the possible applicable import levy and tax of the country he lives in. Usually this is only (although not always) the case for shipping products to countries outside the EU. We will enclose an invoice of €29.- (for the transaction costs) and/or we will declare €29.- to be the value of the parcel in case of shipping to an address outside the EU.

Shipping and return information
Quality Prints are shipped in solid tubular shipping cases. The print may curl up a bit when unpacking it. This may be a little less presentable but allows us to offer these low shipping costs. In case you want to return the work, this tubular case is the best way to pack it again. Please contact us to inform about the right return address. This will be a West European address. Returning it to the address mentioned on the packing is possible but we would we much obliged if you could just ask us for the right address through email.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have more than one Quality Print on order. The shipping service without obligations is limited to one time for each requester or address. You could use this service again after the current order has been completed positively. The prices and services mentioned on this website are only applicable if the order is completely done through the internet/email.
The artists have the right to decide not to deliver to certain parties. In that case, payments that have already been done will be fully refunded.
Practically all the works on this website (including the individual Quality Prints) are uniquely identifiable. In case of loss, the unique identification of the work in question can be published. All copyrights are held by the artist and are not handed over in case of purchase of the work.


Purchase/order info Original Print
We prefer clients to purchase “Original Prints” through the selected points of purchase, such as galleries. At your request we are occasionally able to arrange that you can have a look at the specific work of art, without any obligations, in a gallery or art shop of your choice, in case you are seriously interested.

We can also send the work of art to you if you wish. Since, in that case, the Original Print is especially and only printed for you, it cannot be returned and they have to be paid in advance. If you prefer to see the work in your own environment first, you could consider ordering a Quality Print first. This kind of print will be sent to you without any obligations and with the right to return it. Then you can decide whether to order an “Original” or not.

The Original Prints are packed carefully and in a flat position before they are sent insured. The costs for this way of packing and shipping are €45,-. The Original Print will be sent to you within 14 days after we have received your payment. We can send it to basically any address in the world. Sometimes a specific work is no longer available as an Original Print. We will inform you in advance if this is the case of course.


Purchase info Gallery Print

As mentioned before on this website, Gallery Prints are available very incidentally and exclusively through the better galleries.


Other suppliers (art websites/galleries/art shops).
If you have your own art website on which you offer original art made by others (not mainly or only reproductions), the option of having our work included into your website is welcome and negotiable. We are also interested in galleries that would consider including some of our work (Originals) into their collection. That way it is easy to refer requesters. In the arts and crafts industry or in the frame shops there might be room to include Quality Prints into the collection. After all, the real thing always looks better and has a bigger impact than we are able to show through the internet, when it comes to our prints and arts.










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