The artists on this website make “graphic art” (it concerns graphics/prints/images). With graphical art, the graphic or print is the desired result. It is not derived from another “master” or original. This means that reproductions of, for instance, paintings are not called graphic art. Unlike reproductions, graphic art is considered to be original art.
Examples of graphic works of art are: etchings, engravings, silk-screen prints, lithos, inkjet prints (giclee prints) as well as all other printing techniques which an artist has created the original work with, and as long as it doesn't concern reproductions or commercial printing of course.

All the works on this website carry a combination of techniques in them and derive from graphic art, photography, drawing art and several other things. The techniques that were originally used, are often replaced by a digital equivalent. This equivalent offers more opportunities and more flexible printing options than the original techniques. We cannot think of a reason not to use the extra printing flexibility and to deny the interested people the larger choice. That is why we recently offer more types of prints of a work of art. Those prints are mentioned briefly below.

- Quality Prints
A low priced but excellent quality print which we can send to you without any obligations and without having to pay for it in advance. (For all terms and conditions; check Purchase info.)
- Original Prints
Favourably priced and always made by the artist himself in a limited edition. For more details, check the Purchase info page.
- Gallery Prints
Gallery Prints are similar to the first conceptual production of a certain graphic work of art. They are only incidentally available through galleries.


All prints are produced with fade resistant (light stable) pigment ink and printed on the better paper types of well-established brands and manufacturers. The artists use recent and professional large format inkjet printers that offer the best possible quality.

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